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Hidden Perils of Western Civilization

Perhaps, if the facts could be ascertained, it would be found that something of the same kind occurred in the Roman Empire. The decay of energy and intelligence during the second, third, and fourth centuries of our era has always … Continue reading

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The Most Important Error of Marxism: It Ignores Intelligence As a Cause

The most important error in his theory, to my mind, is that it ignores intelligence as a cause. Men and apes, in the same environment, have different methods of securing food: men practice agriculture, not because of some extra-human dialectic … Continue reading

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Secrets of the West

There have been only a few very rare periods in human history, and a few very sparse┬áregions, in which spontaneous progress has occurred. There must have been spontaneous progress in Egypt and Babylonia when they developed writing and agriculture; there … Continue reading

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