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The corruption and anarchy in Chinese politics do much less harm than one would be inclined to expect.

Nine-tenths of the activities of a modern Government are harmful; therefore the worse they are performed, the better. In China, where the Government is lazy, corrupt, and stupid, there is a degree of individual liberty which has been wholly lost … Continue reading

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The Most Important Error of Marxism: It Ignores Intelligence As a Cause

The most important error in his theory, to my mind, is that it ignores intelligence as a cause. Men and apes, in the same environment, have different methods of securing food: men practice agriculture, not because of some extra-human dialectic … Continue reading

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“The callousness of the Chinese is bound to strike every Anglo-Saxon.”

They have none of that humanitarian impulse which leads us to devote one per cent of our energy to mitigating the evils wrought by the other ninety-nine per cent. For instance, we have been forbidding the Austrians to join with … Continue reading

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On H. G. Wells: He found unpopularity very hard to endure.

Wells derived his importance from quantity rather than quality, though one must admit that he excelled in certain qualities. He was very good at imagining mass behavior in unusual circumstances, for example in The War of the Worlds. Some of … Continue reading

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On Mill’s Liberty: It is even more desirable in our day than it was in his to uphold the kind of outlook for which he stands.

With Mill’s values, I for my part find myself in complete agreement. I think he is entirely right in emphasizing the importance of the individual in so far as values are concerned. I think, moreover, it is even more desirable … Continue reading

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Our Ancient and Powerful Instincts: No Need to Regret Them

The instincts that long ago prompted fighting and hunting activities of our savage ancestors demand an outlet; if they can find no other, they will turn to hatred and thwarted malice. But there are outlets for these very instincts that … Continue reading

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“His Thinking was Almost Entirely Inspired by Hatred” –Objections to Karl Marx

My objections to Marx are of two sorts: one, that he was muddle-headed; and the other, that his thinking was almost entirely inspired by hatred. The doctrine of surplus value, which is supposed to demonstrate the exploitation of wage-earners under … Continue reading

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