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Ground for Skepticism: Induction by Simple Enumeration is a Worse Liar

By George Chen If one lies all the time, by negating his or her statements, the receiver of his or her information can extract truth from him or her just as good as from those who never lie. One such … Continue reading

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“Science as the pursuit of truth is the equal, but not the superior, of art.”

That is a quote from Bertrand Russell’s Scientific Outlook. Since Russell never said anything without a good reason, I spend a couple of years searching for the reason. Here is what I have discovered so far: 1. Science relies on … Continue reading

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On Mill’s Liberty: It is even more desirable in our day than it was in his to uphold the kind of outlook for which he stands.

With Mill’s values, I for my part find myself in complete agreement. I think he is entirely right in emphasizing the importance of the individual in so far as values are concerned. I think, moreover, it is even more desirable … Continue reading

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When an Idea is Entertained Without Belief, the Impulse to Belief is Not Absent But is Inhibited.

A belief may be compared to a cistern plus a pipe plus a tap. The tap can be turned on, and the belief can influence the action, but neither happens without an additional stimulus. When a man is believing something, … Continue reading

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“Completely Unintelligible”–Last Words on Wittgenstein

There are two great men in history whom he somewhat resembles. One was Pascal, the other was Tolstoy. Pascal was a mathematician of genius, but abandoned mathematics for piety. Tolstoy sacrificed his genius as a writer to a kind of … Continue reading

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A theory of knowledge

By George Chen At the beginning of knowing was the mind, then sensible experiences, then a leap of faith, then a world, which appeared much older than the mind, was inferred.

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