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“Ellen’s daughter would be the refuge Ellen had always been.”

She did not like Suellen. She saw it now with a sudden clarity. She had never liked her. She did not especially love Carreen — she could not love anyone who was weak. But they were of her blood, part … Continue reading

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The Death of Noble Ellen: All Too Familiar

“Miss Scarlett, it wuz dem Slatterys … Ah done tole her an’ tole her it doan do no good doin’ things fer trashy folks, but Miss Ellen wuz so sot in her ways an’ her heart so sof’ she couldn’ … Continue reading

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On H. G. Wells: He found unpopularity very hard to endure.

Wells derived his importance from quantity rather than quality, though one must admit that he excelled in certain qualities. He was very good at imagining mass behavior in unusual circumstances, for example in The War of the Worlds. Some of … Continue reading

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Three Villains

By George Chen The beast in me loves Richard III. That feeling is pre-verbal, pre-intellectual, spontaneous. That is a fact. Richard is manly, but many men are loathsome because of their manliness. What distinguishes Richard is the lack of self-pity. … Continue reading

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