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董坚毅。哈佛大学博士,52年回国,55年支援大西北。57年被定为右派送夹边沟劳教。60年饥荒袭来,董亦不能幸免。其妻顾晓颖(也为留美生)来探视, 待寻得其遗体时,周身皮肉已被割食一空,仅剩头颅挂在骨架之上。夹边沟劳教人员2800多人,饿死2100多人,死难者掩埋草率,累累白骨外露绵延两公 里。 Advertisements

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2013: How Many Indians and Chinese Know that They Owe Their Existance to Russell’s Good Will?

The Himalayan dispute has made very evident the danger that a local war may become general. India has appealed to Britain and the U.S. for arms and has thus ceased, in effect, to be an uncommitted power. It is as … Continue reading

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1962: How Strong was the Chinese Army and How did Russell Command Their Total Obedience

What will happen if no agreement is reached on this question of a temporary line? Fighting will be resumed, and at first the Chinese will have the advantage. America and Britain will come to the aid of India, but will … Continue reading

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1962, How to Repel the Chinese: What Nehru Couldn’t Do with Thousands of Troops, Loard Russell Did it with a Few Words.

Dear Mr. Chou En-Lai, … My intensely felt view is that it would be tragic if some tentative understanding could not be reached about this very area. Would it not be possible for your government to require all troops to … Continue reading

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