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The Most Important Error of Marxism: It Ignores Intelligence As a Cause

The most important error in his theory, to my mind, is that it ignores intelligence as a cause. Men and apes, in the same environment, have different methods of securing food: men practice agriculture, not because of some extra-human dialectic … Continue reading

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“His Thinking was Almost Entirely Inspired by Hatred” –Objections to Karl Marx

My objections to Marx are of two sorts: one, that he was muddle-headed; and the other, that his thinking was almost entirely inspired by hatred. The doctrine of surplus value, which is supposed to demonstrate the exploitation of wage-earners under … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from Eugine Onegin*

He was without that dithyrambic frenzy which wrecks our lives for sound, and telling trochee from iambic was quite beyond his wit, we found. He cursed Theocritus and Homer, in Adam Smith was his diploma; our deep economist had got … Continue reading

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A Tower of Turtles

The world runs on fiat money. Fiat money rests its value on an elephant; the elephant stands on a turtle; the turtle, another turtle… A roll of toilet paper can touch the bottom. By touching the bottom, a roll of … Continue reading

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The Rich

There is no a priori reason why being rich is evil. On the contrary, it is highly desirable. A rich person’s virtue is living large. By doing so, she or he creates employments. Of course, the rich are entitled to … Continue reading

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