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The primary aims of government should be security, justice and conservation

The primary aims of government, I suggest, should be three: security, justice, and conservation. These are things of the utmost importance to human happiness, and they are things which only government can bring about. Russell, Bertrand. Authority and the Individual. … Continue reading

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Carlin’s comment on China’s Bullying Culture

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What the Tortoise said to Achilles shows the nature of implications.

The reason Tortoise couldn’t stop hypothesizing is that an implication never asserts its constituent propositions. Given: A. P is true. B. if P is true then Q is true, (P implies Q). B only asserts the implication.  Even if both … Continue reading

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China vs. Japan from American perspective

Let snarks fight snarks.

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Is the war inspired by hate or by profit?

If it is inspired by hate, then it is pointless. If it is inspired by profit, then war will render it unprofitable.

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If we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive everyone

1948 Siege of Changchun: The Communist army starved 150,000 civilians to death. “Changchun was like Hiroshima,” Zhang wrote. “The casualties were about the same. Hiroshima took nine seconds; Changchun took five months.” Source:

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董坚毅。哈佛大学博士,52年回国,55年支援大西北。57年被定为右派送夹边沟劳教。60年饥荒袭来,董亦不能幸免。其妻顾晓颖(也为留美生)来探视, 待寻得其遗体时,周身皮肉已被割食一空,仅剩头颅挂在骨架之上。夹边沟劳教人员2800多人,饿死2100多人,死难者掩埋草率,累累白骨外露绵延两公 里。

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