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1962, How to Repel the Chinese: What Nehru Couldn’t Do with Thousands of Troops, Loard Russell Did it with a Few Words.

Dear Mr. Chou En-Lai, … My intensely felt view is that it would be tragic if some tentative understanding could not be reached about this very area. Would it not be possible for your government to require all troops to … Continue reading

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Believe it or not

I can’t even translate “belief” into Chinese. Truth is a property of belief. => 真理是信仰的属性 信仰 is faith, not belief.    

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Learning English is Essential for a Chinaman to Understand Modern Philosophy

Chinese differs so profoundly from European languages that even with the most skilful translations a student who knows only Chinese cannot understand European ideas; therefore the learning of some European language is essential, and English is far the most familiar … Continue reading

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1965: Purged by misfortune and saved by their own heroism, they deserve success. May it be theirs!

Quoter’s note: That is from Russell’s foreword for the second edition of the Problem of China. Plas Penrhyn, 9 November, 1965 This is the only place I have seen an exclamation point in Russell’s writings. Russell’s first love was England; … Continue reading

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On Chinese Ideograms: Source of Stagation

*Quoter’s note: Russell was unduly polite at this point. Substitute immutability for solidity, stagnant water for seas and oceans, one should see Russell’s point plain and simple. As everyone knows, the Chinese do not have letters, as we do, but … Continue reading

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A piece of Shelley for Russell’s birthday

There was a Poet whose untimely tomb 50 No human hands with pious reverence reared, But the charmed eddies of autumnal winds Built o’er his mouldering bones a pyramid Of mouldering leaves in the waste wilderness: A lovely youth,–no mourning … Continue reading

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“The callousness of the Chinese is bound to strike every Anglo-Saxon.”

They have none of that humanitarian impulse which leads us to devote one per cent of our energy to mitigating the evils wrought by the other ninety-nine per cent. For instance, we have been forbidding the Austrians to join with … Continue reading

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